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The Smart Contract is a service of Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV (MIU IV), one of PA's 29 educational service agencies. Since 1994, MIU IV has saved schools and other nonprofit agencies thousands of dollars through its technology bidding and purchasing program. From the Smart Contract you can buy a huge variety of technology products and services, from a phone system to a foot of wire installed. MIU IV's Smart Contract provides participants with the best possible pricing and offers additional features including purchasing directly from a vendor online.

Products and services offered by Prismworks Technology with special pricing through the MIU4 Smart Contract

Acer Acer’s commitment to educational institutions goes beyond providing and maintaining the highest quality desktops, notebooks, displays, server and storage systems. At Acer we have a dedicated Education team which works closely with schools to help them innovate and accelerate the learning process.

Axis Axis was the first company in the world to launch a network camera in 1996, initiating the shift from analog to digital technology. The majority of Axis’ sales are generated by the video product area; network cameras, video encoders, accessories and application software.

Google The web-based management console makes it easy to deploy and control users, devices and apps across a fleet of Chromebooks.

QNAP QNAP Systems, Inc., as its brand promise "Quality Network Appliance Provider", aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance.

vBrick VBrick believes in the power of video to transform the workplace. Our mission is to enable progressive businesses to use the power of intuitive, compelling and persuasive video communications to move smarter and faster.

Samsung Samsung Chromebooks offer schools a way to embrace 1:1 digital learning, even with a limited budget, and are an integral part of curated education solutions from leading providers in the field.

HP Enterprise HPE delivers high-quality, high-value products, consulting, and support services in a single package. That’s one of our principal differentiators. We have industry-leading positions in servers, storage, wired and wireless networking, converged systems, software, services and cloud. And with customized financing solutions and strategy, we can provide the right tech solutions for your unique business goals.


Veeam Backup & Replication is built specifically for virtual environments to provide fast backup and recovery of virtual machines, whether on VMware or Hyper-V. With a single license, from a unified console, you can protect your entire virtual infrastructure with industry leading features such as Instant VM Recovery, Instant File-Level Recovery, 2-in-1: backup and replication, built-in de-duplication, centralized management and much more.


Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability.


KEMP Technologies has been a leader in driving the price/performance value proposition for load balancers and application delivery controllers to levels that our customers can afford. Our products’ versatile and powerful architecture provide the highest value, while enabling our customers to optimize their businesses that rely on Internet-based infrastructure to conduct business with their customers, employees and partners.


AirWatch is the world's largest mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider with more than 10,000 organizations in 150 countries leverage the AirWatch®Enterprise Mobility Management Platform, which includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content, laptop and browser management solutions. Organizations can implement these solutions stand-alone for unique bring your own device requirements, in AirWatch® Workspace containerized solution, or as a comprehensive, highly scalable, enterprise-grade mobility platform. AirWatch ensures the broadest mobile platform support, develops innovative solutions like AirWatch® Secure Content Locker™, and integrates with the leading device manufacturers and technology solution providers in the mobile ecosystem.


3CX Phone System not only replaces proprietary phone systems, it delivers a complete Unified Communications solution as it’s an open standard software based IP PBX which runs on Windows and that can be integrated with other applications running on Windows. By relying on the SIP Standard, 3CX along with its technology partners, delivers a future proof, best of breed phone system.


Exacq Technologies Inc., is a leading developer of open architecture, Video Management System (VMS) solutions for security and surveillance applications. Our exacqVision VMS client-server solutions are scalable from a small single camera solution to large scale corporate or campus systems with thousands of cameras. Real-time and recorded video can be viewed, managed and configured from any location on the network.


Arecont Vision is exclusively focused on megapixel technology and, as the industry leader, has contributed more to the advancement of megapixel imaging for professional security applications than any other company in the security market. Our worldwide installed base of megapixel cameras crosses a broad spectrum of applications and venues – a proven testament to Arecont Vision’s leadership in developing innovative megapixel imaging technologies and products.


CyberData designs and manufactures innovative SIP-enabled IP Paging and Two-way Communication/Access Control devices that are PoE (Powered over Ethernet 802.3af or 802.3at). Our devices are designed to enhance SMB through Enterprise level VoIP phone system installations. When migrating to VoIP, utilizing Cyberdata's IP Paging technology as part of your overall paging solution delivers cutting edge and cost-effective results, and is an essential element of any VoIP paging system.


AcroVista Our flagship product BellCommander is used by hundreds of schools, factories, stores, and businesses for scheduled audio, paging, and emergency notification applications. BellCommander is popular in K-12 schools, who use BellCommander for school bells and paging. BellCommander features a flexible scheduler, which supports unlimited day schedules and over 200 events per day schedule. BellCommander works in a variety of single and multiple zone configurations, including output through the PC's sound card, streaming audio to networked PCs and network audio devices, controlling bells using relays, and sending bells over an analog phone line.


Hewlett Packard The MIU IV Smart Contract HP satellite site is where education and government customers can purchase the full range of HP Tier 1 workstations, desktops, notebooks, monitors, printers, scanners, cameras, and more, at the lowest prices in the nation. Create and save quotes, email them to colleagues, or place an order. Use a purchase order to be invoiced, or pay by credit card, the choice is yours! There's nothing to fax, and no signup required. Visit the site


VMWare VMWare is the global leader in virtualization technology. Virtual servers created with VMWare software allow you to host multiple operating systems and applications locally and in remote locations, resulting in lower capital expenses, increased energy savings, and freedom from physical and geographical limitations.


Barracuda The Barracuda Backup Service is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. The Barracuda Backup Service combines an onsite appliance with a monthly subscription that replicates data to two offsite locations.

Network Wiring

Prismworks Technology designs and builds the networks that you rely on, and can install infrastructure wiring, fiber, and wireless LAN/WAN communications.

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