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Mobile Cart Solution with Convey™ Software

Prismworks Technology has developed a content delivery system using Convey™ software running on a notebook, PC, or netbook. This solution provides schools with a tool for providing real-time assessment within the classroom.

In a Convey™ lesson, each student uses a notebook, PC, or netbook to respond to every teacher-designated question or activity. Teachers monitor each student’s response on their computer, getting unparalleled insight into each student’s comprehension and understanding. The Convey™ content delivery system provides the educator with 100% student participation, and can be used in any content area at virtually any grade level. Convey™ is ideal for standards-based instruction, low achievement remediation, standardized test prep, special education classes, and more.


  • Improved teaching practices
  • Delivers on the promise of one-to-one computing
  • Use real-time feedback to modify teaching practices
  • Monitor and document student progress
  • Conduct formative assessment
  • Align lesson plans to the state standards
  • Report student progress by standards
  • Enhance class discussion
  • Generate reports to evaluate student performance


  • (24) Computers (notebooks, PCs, or netbooks)
  • (1) 30-bay Spectrum Mobile Cart w/ power strips, lockable doors and casters
  • (1) HP ProCurve Access Point
  • (25) Copies of Convey™ Software
  • Configuration, Installation & Setup
  • A full day of training with manuals

Note: Solution can be adjusted based on class size.


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