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Application Development

If off-the-shelf software just isn’t meeting your expectations, let our sister company Abblesoft develop a solution to your specifications. Abblesoft specializes in educational solutions, including handheld applications for students, teachers, and administrators.

We’ll design, develop, test, and review the application with you, ensuring that your requirements are met and your satisfaction exceeded. When development is complete, we’ll provide hands-on training to help you get the most out of your new application.

Convey™, developed by Prismworks' sister company Abblesoft, is a direct response learning software that allows real time computer-to-computer interaction between a teacher and every student. Convey™ provides instant teacher feedback on each student’s comprehension and progress, and can be used across the entire K12 grade level for a variety of learning activities in any subject. Convey™ can be deployed in any networked classroom (wired or wireless) across multiple platforms, on desktops, notebooks, and mobile devices.

For more information on Convey™ or our custom software solutions, contact Abblesoft at 866-403-7300, via email at , or visit our website at www.abblesoft.com.

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