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Managed Services

Prismworks Technology devised the Managed Services in the interest of providing first-level support for our customers. Our team of engineers offers high level application and server administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We can act as a compliment to internal IT staff; we can ensure systems operate at their highest level. There are three levels of support available:

Full Administration Managed Services

Prismworks Technology takes full responsibility and provides comprehensive administration. This covers proactive tasks, preventive maintenance, as well as first-response trouble ticketing. Pricing is on a monthly flat fee basis; you choose the items you want covered from the list below:

  • Directory
  • Messaging
  • Backup and Restore
  • Wireless and Network Infrastructure
  • General Server Support
  • Client Patching
  • Server Virtualization Infrastructure
  • Client Security
  • Content Filtering


Escalation is available to customers that administer systems internally, but require help with technically complex issues and maintenance. Categories are identical to those listed for the PSP, with administration tasks removed. The customer is responsible for system administration. Prismworks will provide monitoring and maintenance service. Technical support items that cannot be resolved internally will be escalated to Prismworks support. Pricing for escalation is structured on a flat fee basis.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Prismworks Technologies Hardware as a Service takes ownership of the entire network providing all of the hardware, software, maintenance, and support as a consistent monthly cost. With ever changing technology it is difficult for even the most advanced organization to keep up. Most offices neglect their networks causing them to be slow, outdated, and unsecure. Equipment runs until the system has a major failure costing the customer downtime, data integrity and money. This slow performance and downtime is costing your organization money with lost productivity. Why worry about failing hardware and budgeting system upgrades when this can all be covered under one monthly cost. By implementing the PPSP we provide firewall protection, remote access, offsite backup, email, cloud storage, full administration support, technology refreshes, and much more all included in our monthly cost. When looking at the cost of hardware, software, maintenance, backup, support, and onsite technicians it is easy to see why a full supported system financially makes sense. These solutions can be custom tailored for each customer’s specific needs. Let the professionals at Prismworks Technology worry about your technology upgrades and maintenance while you focus on what you do best, growing your core business.

Please talk to a representative at Prismworks Technology to discuss the HaaS option in more detail. For more information, please contact us at 866-403-7300 or

Services Typical SMB Office HaaS
Offsite Backup Limited (USB) YES
PC Refresh (3 Yrs.) NO YES
End User Hardware Consumer Class Business Class
Business Email NO YES
Secure Remote Access NO YES
Secure Wireless Access Limited YES
System Support NO YES (8x5)
VoIP Integration NO YES (Option)
Anti-Virus NO YES
Secure Network NO YES
System Upgrades NO YES
System Patches NO YES
System Monitoring NO YES
Cloud Storage NO YES
Office Suite Upgrades NO YES
OS Upgrades NO YES

*** SMB estimated monthly cost is based on a 5 year lifecycle for all hardware with a typical office of 5-8 users. Estimations are based on current SMB customers with typical user workstations, onsite data server, onsite email, offsite backup, firewall, phones, installation services, and basic support.

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