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Application Development

As demand for newer and more efficient applications grows, your IT staff may lack the resources to respond in a timely manner. Rely on Prismworks Technology to help you increase your productivity through new technology. Our e-development solutions combine consulting, engineering, software development and training services to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

The e-development process involves six steps, which ensures complete success in the development project.

  • Phase One - Initial Consultation
  • Phase Two - Preliminary Needs Assessment
  • Phase Three - Design Specifications
  • Phase Four - Development
  • Phase Five - Solution Implementation
  • Phase Six - Staff Development

Sample Applications

Through its sister software development company Abblesoft, Prismworks has developed and markets a number of cutting-edge software applications.

Mobile Conference Program

Abblesoft Mobile Conference Program screenshotAbblesoft's Mobile Conference Program is a virtual program or guide for the attendees of a conference.

What's unique about Abblesoft's Mobile Conference Program is that navigating that visitor's guide book is simple and intuitive for an events' visitors. At the same time, events organizers have the ability to update that information on the fly, even during the event to post announcements, or last-minute schedule changes.

Mobile Conference Program works across a wide range of phones and mobile devices. We have created custom user interfaces designed to work well with the different types devices the visitors to the event will be using. Visitors will be able to find the information they're after using our simple-to-use software browsing on their mobile phones, iPod Touches, iPads, PDAs or laptops.

The mobile conference program is written in PHP with a MySQL database, and utilizes several HTML5/CSS/Javascript interfaces.


Abblesoft Convey screenshotAbblesoft's Convey is a software-based student response system which allows teachers to get instant feedback on each students' comprehension and progress. Two-way feedback allows teachers to monitor students' progress every step of the way through teacher-generated quizzes, tests, guided lessons and activities. Teachers can monitor student comprehension at the point of learning, and students get instant feedback on their progress. Convey™ can be used across the entire K12 grade level for a variety of learning activities in any subject.

Convey is a C# .NET Winforms client/server application utilizing MS SQL Server 2005 Express that also has an optional Java student client component for educational environments where Mac OSX or Linux are used by the students.

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